Pallas-Yllästunturi Nationalpark in October

In the darkness of this morning, trying to forget the too-warm-for-Christmas-week-weather, it is nice to remember a trip to more wintry place and weather. Last October I was spending our sons autumn holiday with my family in Lapland in Ylläs area. Unfortunately after two days the snow started melting so we decided to make a … Continue reading Pallas-Yllästunturi Nationalpark in October

Independence day in Seitseminen National Park

On 6th of December we made a trip to Seitseminen nationalpark located in Ylöjärvi and Ikaalinen. It was the Finland’s Independence Day, which is 99th this year. So we thought that there’s no better way to celebrate our country that use the services of our amazing national park system. The weather was bright but cold. … Continue reading Independence day in Seitseminen National Park