When the mind wants to go far

Especially in the darkness and coldness of November-December when we are just waiting for snow to arrive you start to look for the travelling pages and old photos from your trips. In small family budget a trip to abroad it’s a rare treat. About a year ago I found something that helps the travelling fever a little. I started postcrossing.


On the internet there is a free international site that allows you to make your own profile and you get an address from another postcrosser. You pick a card for him or her and send. On your profile you can write what kind of cards you would like to receive or what you want to know from the person who will send it. Normally you write little about yourself or the place you live in. Many people have other small request like different stamps, writing something in your own langue or I´ve also sent a teabag for someone who wanted it. You don’t have to fill these request, you can also send exactly the kind of card you want. I mostly like to make the small wishes true because then you might get a happy message to your profile.


When the person you send your card receives it they log the ID number you put in your card (you get that from the site), then you get your own card from someone else. There is a limit how many cards you can send at the same time and it increases the more you send cards. I try to send one card in a week. Then you get a nice surprise every now and then. My mail is normally mostly unpleasant so it is great to get a greeting from the other side of the world.



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