Independence day in Seitseminen National Park

On 6th of December we made a trip to Seitseminen nationalpark located in Ylöjärvi and Ikaalinen. It was the Finland’s Independence Day, which is 99th this year. So we thought that there’s no better way to celebrate our country that use the services of our amazing national park system. The weather was bright but cold. About -12 degrees and when the sun went down the thermometer was showing -17 degrees. Really good weather for brisk walk.


Kovero farm

First we went to the Kovero farm which is an example farm of old kind of farming in the area. The farm house is closed on the winter time but the place is still really nice to visit with all the old buildings. In the summer time original Finnish farm animals are kept in Kovero, work shows are organized to show traditional making handcrafts or cultivation and the main house is a museum showing old kind of living.



We walked few kilometres long nature path in Multiharju area. Multiharju is an old natural forest area which is much higher than the surrounding area. The word harju means ridge, an esker of sand formed when Finland was covered with glacier. Short winter day was already coming to an end and the sun was shining only little anymore. The days in December here are quite short and the time of pure sunshine is even shorter. Some of the paths were really slippery because the temperature has been up and down for few days now. So the snow comes and goes in southern parts of Finland this time of year.





Our last stops were at Soljoset area where we went to eat. Soljoset is an area where small ponds and swamps take turns. There are some really great barbecue places that the national park takes care of including free firewood service. We made a fire when the darkness was already setting down and you could feel the temperature getting colder. Big fire, some makkara (which means sausage –the one grocery most Finns bring along whenever they go to eat in nature) and some hot glögi (mulled wine) keeps you warm.



One thing that went not like planned, was that we were planning to grill some marshmallows for dessert. But they didn’t like the temperature since the bag was already opened. They’ve got frozen! No chance of getting them on a stick anymore. I can tell you this; they tasted really funny when you bite them frozen. Like eating soft sugary ice and it really sounds like you were eating ice, you just didn’t feel that they were cold.  I think that was the best part of the trip for my son!





We were the only ones by the fireplace and it was just amazing to enjoy the peacefulness of the forest that is getting ready for the cold night. I especially love the popping sound that the big trees make when the temperature gets colder and colder. When we finally left it was already dark and the stars were shining with a little crescent moon keeping them company.


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