Christmas shopping in Pori

Last weekend me and my husband had to do some Christmas shopping so we decided to go somewhere else than normally and include a little nature trip to it. We went to town of Pori by the seaside of the Baltic Sea.



Our first target was the sands of Yyteri. It’s a 6 kilometres long beach area about 15 kilometres from centre of Pori. Although they are more famous for summertime fun, the dynes and beach are beautiful in the winter time too. We came from inner Finland where we already have snow and we were really surprised to see that in Pori there wasn’t any snow at all. The sea was only frozen from some parts but in Yyteri it was still open. But the water looked really cold with skim of ice floating in it. When we left from home the thermometer wasshowing -18 Celsius but the closer we got to the sea the warmer it became. After 140 km drive there were only -4 degrees and the sun was shining really brightly.img_6842

After walking on the beach of Yyteri, we drove 10 kilometres more to the island of Reposaari. The scenery from the road there is not very nice because all the industrial areas but the island itself is pretty with old houses and seaside views everywhere.




Next we headed to the walking areas of Preiviiki to find more peaceful place to walk our dog. Preiviiki and Yyteri area are connected together with nature paths that run nicely along the shore. Preiviiki area has also lots of bird watching towers that are really great in the summertime, the area being one of the best bird places in Finland.

The shores of Preiviiki where already frozen but lightly enough for our dog still to be able to break the ice with her paws. After having a nice day with all these nature places, the sun was already going down and we were ready for some shopping in the centre of Pori.img_6855


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