Pallas-Yllästunturi Nationalpark in October

In the darkness of this morning, trying to forget the too-warm-for-Christmas-week-weather, it is nice to remember a trip to more wintry place and weather.


Last October I was spending our sons autumn holiday with my family in Lapland in Ylläs area. Unfortunately after two days the snow started melting so we decided to make a little trip to the other end of Pallas-Yllästunturi Nationalpark, the Pallas fells. The day was really cloudy and foggy as we started climbing to the top of Pallaskero where one of the nature paths of the park goes. It is also one of the highest peaks there. The path was really slippery and icy even though in the lower hills there was only little snow left anymore. But the higher we got, the more it started to look like winter and you could feel it was also minus degrees there.





15644379_1597850410230915_409726984_nSuddenly all the clouds dropped a little bit lower and we were surrounded by sunshine. That feeling was quite unique because it happened in seconds. The landscape was just amazing.

The snow had already covered all the rocks and the path signs as if it was the midwinter already. We paused to eat our sandwiches on the fell top because for once there was no wind there like normally in the summer. We enjoyed the sunshine while walking down and for a moment it felt like you were on fairy tale because there were the clouds on below you looking like you are at the end of the world.

15591713_1597853966897226_895053946_nAlso a pack of reindeer was taking siesta in the sunshine. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. When we reached our car everything was cloudy and rainy again. But of course in a very Finnish way we walked to the nearest hut and grilled some sausages for the end our 9 km hike.

On our way home we took a little side trip to the Lake Inari and the fells of Saariselkä. The weather in October can be quite a mystery so you need to have everything from winter clothes to a raincoat. But when the weather is clear you can also see the northern lights. Some of the tourist places are closed because it is not the biggest season. But you can also find accommodation for cheaper prizes during the low season. And if you enjoy your own peace especially outside of the skiing centers it is really quiet. If you like skiing or cross-country-skiing, some of the centers already open their first tracks and slopes on October. But it can get crowded on the first short ski tracks that they make.


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