A visit to Tallipiha

Shortest day of the year is here. In Pirkanmaa region, where we live, the sun comes up for 5 hours today. From tomorrow on, days are getting longer and longer, until there is no darkness left for the summer. In these short hours of light of winter days we have made some small trips to our surroundings. Last week we visited Tallipiha in Tampere.

Even though we visit the town of Tampere really often, I or my sister had never visited the Tallipiha (stable yard) area before. Tallipiha is a little area consisting of old buildings in which you can buy local handicrafts and other decorations. There are also some animals, this time of year only sheep and a donkey. There is no entrance fee for visitors and it is located in the center of Tampere so it is easy to reach. It’s a good place to find some original Christmas presents and get some Christmas spirit.

img_6897They also have some work demonstrations like glassblowing, especially during the weekends, really nice coffee place and a chocolate shop. There is also a little Christmas market during the weekends before Christmas. I can’t wait to visit this place again on summertime (definitely going back for the chocolate).



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