Christmas tree

Christmas is finally here! I am always waiting for it nearly as much as kids wait for Santa Claus. One of our traditions is getting our Christmas tree from my father’s forest few days before Christmas.

Every year I, my sister and my brother have sort of a contest for marking the best tree for our families. Then on one day, when the temperature is not too cold, we go and cut the trees. If you cut the spruce in too low temperature the needles start to drop off before you even get the tree inside your house. I remember one Christmas when it was more than -20ºC for the whole week before Christmas and we tried to get some trees indoors with the same results every time: most of the needles were in our entrance way…

Of course the spruces from normal forest are not as dense or even, as the ones they sell on the market, but I think they are unique. And the trip to the forest to choose and cut the tree with your kids makes it more special. Besides, nothing beats that smell you get from the spruce when you bring it to the warmth of your house.

I always try to select a tree with really strong branches so it can hold all the ornaments my son is going to hang on the tree. I would like to keep the decoration simple and just use certain color or certain type of ornaments at once but he wants to hang every single ornament he finds on the branches. But I let him do it as long as he still likes to stay home and do it. I think that is what Christmas is all about; family and the traditions we all create with our families. Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Christmas tree

  1. I simply adore the trees in your father’s forest. With your permission I would like to use one of the photos of the trees covered with snow and write a Haiku poem or Cinquain. I would of course, give you the credit for the photo. I will wait to hear back from you. Many thanks,

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