Ruka Nordic -weekend

It is time for one of my favorite sport event of the year, the Four Hills Tournament. It is a ski jumping event that takes place in Germany and Austria. I haven’t been able to visit there, but maybe one year I will.

In the meantime I think it is good time to write about a trip we make every year with girls only policy. It’s a weekend trip for the Ruka skiing center in Kuusamo and it takes place every year at the same time with the Ruka Nordic, the opening for world cup of ski jumping, cross country skiing and Nordic combined. Usually it is organized during the last weekend of November.

img_4354We have had this tradition since 2002 when the whole event was organized there for the first time. I have always followed the winter sports and in November 2002 my best friend and I were looking for something to do for the next weekend when we saw sports news on TV about the upcoming event. We had just one day to plan the trip which includes around 650 kilometers drive from our home. And that’s just one way.

It was the craziest trip ever. My friend’s car nearly froze down the way, since it was more than -30ºC on the way. Our accommodation was like from a horror movie. We were the only customers in this B&B kind of place and after the check-in we never saw any member of staff during the whole weekend. But we had so much fun that I have been back there for twelve times already.

ilotulitusEvery year the group of friends changes a little bit as well as the accommodation (which you nowadays have to book in good time), but it is still a chance for us to take a little brake from our family lives with old friends who you meet only once or twice during the year. We watch the sports, eat well, go to sauna and of course party a little.

img_4986It is also nice to go for a weekend trip to the north in the time of year when we nowadays don’t have often snow in the south yet. This year it was even nicer than normally to reach there because at the same time we saw the lights of Ruka, the northern lights also appeared to the sky. It was really beautiful. Of course the landscapes in Kuusamo are worth the visit itself because nature there is so beautiful, but that will be another blog later.



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