New Year – New National Park and more

It is here! The New Year! And a really important year for Finland. It is time to celebrate our 100 years old independent nation. This year is full of exciting events and the 100 years of independent Finland gives the year its own extra plus.

For example we will have a new national park (hope to visit there soon), the world championships for Nordic winter sports in Lahti (we will be there!) and our nature will have its own day! Or actually four days, one day for every season. On those days there will be lots of different events in National parks all over country.

Finland is also the first nation in the world to fly the flag to celebrate our clean, wild and every way amazing forest, lakes, wetlands and fells! We are really proud of our small country, pure nature and small amount of really unique people.

We hope you can join our year of celebration, if not by being here, by reading our blog. We wish to write, visit and tell you stories about our national parks, national landscapes and also not so well known parts of Finland. Happy Birthday Finland!

Below are dates for some events organized this year:


Nature days 4.2, 20.5, 17.6, 26.8.

Opening of Hossa National park 17.6

World championships for Nordic winter sports 21.2-5.3

World championships for figure skating 29.3-2.4.2017




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