Our kind of a date

My son announced few days back that he is going to grandma’s for a sleepover on weekend so I told my husband that we are going for a date. Might sound crazy since we been together for nearly fifteen years, but we think it is still important to find some we-time during the busy everyday life. In our life date doesn’t mean a fancy restaurant or a movie theater, it means a day outdoors. So we packed a picnic lunch and took a map to decide where to go.


We chose Riuttaskorpi Recreational Forest in Kuru, Ylöjärvi, very near to Seitseminen national park. Recreational Forest is an area taken care by Metsähallitus, the State Forest Enterprise, and this one is designed for a half-day or one day hike.


The day was grey and little foggy and the temperature was only few degrees below zero so it was good weather to spend the day outside. We walked through a nature path, little less than 4 kilometres, that makes a round trip but we extended it a little by walking a short side path to place called Salinkalliot.



The path had been untouched for days, only few foxes and hares have been using it. The route is narrow and a bit outgrown so some maintenance would be beneficial. In current condition of the path, especially now when there is some snow in the ground, you have to really focus on seeing the markings to stay in the right path. The area has three nice places to make a fire and eat your lunch. We chose a spot by a little lake called Haukijärvi.


All those places have a firewood supply and toilets to use, for free of course. But it is good to have toilet paper in your bag since that might be lacking. The area is not as well taken care of as the national parks in Finland, but it is really peaceful and easy to reach with a car. There is also a sauna in the area for rent. We spend a nice day there together without seeing any other people. M.



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