Evening walk on Iivaara

When the weather forecast looks like the one we had for today, you feel like opening your computer and looking at your summer travelling photos. So, today we are expecting to have plus degrees and really windy weather, even though it is January, which is normally one of the coldest months of the year. For this reason I came across old photos from our little evening walk to Iivaara.

Iivaara1We were driving back from northern Lapland in end of July. It was a hot summer day and the temperature had prevented us from taking our dog for a long walk during the day. We took a map and searched for any nice new, unseen paths nearby. We found one in Iivaara. It was a nice few kilometer hike on the top on the forested hill and even though a bit far from the main road, it was not too far from our route.


Iivaara is located south from Kuusamo, near the Russian border. We didn’t walk very fast since there were lots of blueberries and our dog and son just love them. So this time our lunch was there ready to be picked.

The path is well marked and easy to walk but steep in some areas. The sun was already setting down because of our late arrival (it was already 10 pm) but thanks to that, we got some nice photos from there. In Iivaara you can also hike longer distance, but we chose the short hike on the top. You can also find a fireplace and toilet on the top of the hill. Iivaara is 470 meters high and higher than the surroundings so the scenery is worth the climbing.

img_6385 Iivaara3Our way down was much faster than way up. If you have an 11 year old boy and a young large breed dog, which both have spend a lot of time in the car, you can imagine. M.




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