Winter Day in Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas

Last weekend we had an urge to go outside and barbecue some sausage. If Finnish people have one thing to take to an outdoor trip it’s the sausage, or makkara as we called it! Almost everyone (not my sister-she insisted of adding this) who has intention to eat something on one day hike carries sausages in there pack bag.

So we chose a national park that’s an hour away from our house, the Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas. For us it is easy to reach by car, but would need more planning if using public transportation.  It’s a small park, consisting mainly of wetlands. There’s is a four kilometer long nature path that goes through the wetlands and it makes a round trip. We left our car at the Salomaa parking place which is one of the two places you can start the path. We walked to the other end of it, a place called Nummikangas (it’s the other place to start your walk). In both of these places there is a fireplace and toilet. At Nummikangas there is also a bird watching tower that has a nice view over the national park.

We decided to have our lunch at Nummikangas so we made a fire there. The air was foggy but cold (about -8) when we came but during our break sun started to shine. After our lunch we didn’t return to the marked path but we walked around the frozen wetlands back to our car. There was only about 10 centimeters of snow so it was easy and peaceful to walk a little side from the actual path, if you don’t count your own child running around at snow. We just kept our eye were the path goes so we would stay on track on our whereabouts. It wasn’t that cold day but humidity of air made sure that even our black dog had white big beard after few hours of outing. M.



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