Thinking about warmer weather

Not everyone loves these cold winter days (-26 degrees Celsius today) like we do, so lets make a trip to warmer autumn days.

Last August my friend from Germany visited me in Finland and we spent five great days in Koli area in Northern Karelia. We rented a nice cottage from Loma Koli area which is about 10 kilometers from Koli national park.

koli3First day we went hiking in the national park starting from the harbor of Koli. We walked up to the nature center, Ukko, and visited the highest points of Koli which give amazing view to Lake Pielinen. Koli is one of the 27 national landscapes in Finland. Those national landscapes are areas that were selected by the Ministry of Environment in 1992 to show places with cultural and environmental features that are part of Finnish identity.

Next day we made a car trip around the lake Pielinen visiting Nurmes church (the 5th biggest church in Finland), saw the house of Bomba and went to the second largest outdoor museum in Finland in Lieksa. The museum shows more than 70 buildings from different ages and from farmhouses to timber floating equipment.

During our short vacation we also went to a cruise on Lake Pielinen on hydrofoil vessel that was originally made in Soviet Union for military purpose. It was really fast. If you have long hair like me, remember to were a scarf or a hat. I didn’t…

We also visited a heritage farm in the national park and enjoyed some local food at the harbor restaurant. We were lucky to organize our trip during a perfect season to make a little trip every evening before sauna to the nearby forests to pick some blueberries. We had lots of vitamins in few days.

Before I had to say goodbye to my friend we made one last little trip to Patvinsuo national park in Lieksa, near the Russian borderline.  Patvinsuo consists mostly of wetlands, forests and few lakes. It is not very large national park but it is very wilderness-like. We walked on the beach by Lake Suomunjärvi and also a little path on wetland called Surkansuo. It was a really windy but sunny day and a great way to end our holiday. M.


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