Skiing on Aakenus

This year I won’t be able to go skiing in Lapland before April so I thought I could write a little story about one the trips we made last year.  And with skiing I mean cross-country skiing not downhill.

Normally me and my family make a trip to Lapland during school skiing holiday in the beginning of March. Last year we went to skiing centre in Ylläs, Kolari. One day during our stay we made a trip to Aakenus fell. By us I mean me, my husband, son and my parents.

img_6220Aakenus is a part of Pallas-Ylläs National park and there are many skiing tracks in winter and hiking paths in summer time. We have been skiing there few times before but this time my son wanted to go all the way to the top. We left our car on the parking lot in Totovaara and started skiing from there.

The beginning of the track is easy and nice but as soon as you turn to the track that goes up to the fell the slope starts to rise steeply. For a while we climbed with our skis but when we saw from footprints that other people had also given up and taken their skis off and walked, me and my mom followed their example and walked also. Boys were more persistent and continued with their skis. Of course we walked on the side of the track so we wouldn’t make the track lumpy, although the snow in the track was so hard anyway that we hardly made any marks on it.

The afternoon was sunny and beautiful but climbing, even without the skis, was tough. Trees around the track looked amazing with all the snow on there branches. When we reached the tree line (after which trees don’t grow anymore) I started to wonder about the way back. We had to follow the same route back because it was already so late in the afternoon and we didn’t  have enough time to go round the whole circle before it will be dark. I’m not too good at downhill skiing and especially not with cross-country skis on a track that goes down really steep. I decided that was enough for me. I left my skis there and so did my mom. We walked little bit higher to see the beautiful views and then slowly walked back.

img_6235We didn’t have to wait for long after we reached our own skis when my husband, son and my father were skiing down the track. The way back went really fast even though the slope was still so steep we had to go like slalom from side to side on the track only few meters wide or otherwise the speed would have been too much. Fortunately the track was really quiet that day. Finally I made my way down and luckily without falling down but I still prefer easier tracks. My son wanted to go there again the next day, for him it was the best track ever. And the fact that my mom was a coward taking the skis off while he skied all the way down from the top made the track even more appealing for him.img_6247


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