Sunday in Raippaluoto

Last Sunday my son had last free day from school, skiing holiday was finished and to end it in a nice way we made a little car trip. We had no plan were to go but after driving for a while we found ourselves on the island of Raippaluoto, near the town of Vaasa.

IMG_7303Raippaluoto is s part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Kvarken Archipelago. It’s a heritage site because the unique land uplift. The land rises from the sea around 8,5 mm every year, creating 1 km2 new land annually. This happens because the area was under an icecap in the ice age that pressed the land down. Also the longest bridge (1045 meters) of Finland is located in Raippaluoto.

The weather was really sunny and only few degrees below zero but by the sea there is always the little breeze that makes it feel lot colder, especially on the tall bridge. The Raippaluoto Island is the size of 160 km2 and there’s a little island right next to it called Björkö (size 32 km2). We drove all the way to the end of Björkö to a little place called Svedjehamn. It is an old fishing village. In Svedjehamn there’s a nature path and a sightseeing tower that we visited also. Our dog was really keen on walking on the ice of the sea.


This time of year Raippaluoto is really popular place for ice-fishing and that is why you can also see sea eagles there easily. They sit on the ice waiting for the fisherman’s to leave the small fish for them.

We also stopped to see the little church in Björkö. Named after me, or maybe another Maria named person (a Russian empress as a fact).  There would have been lot more to see on the area but it was getting dark already, maybe some summer day we will visit the island again.




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