Winter is nearly gone here in southern Finland, but the walking paths and small roads are still very slippery and covered by ice. I got a reminder about that this morning on our own road when I made a beautiful ten point fall on my back. So now I have to wait for a while before really going outing again. Meanwhile I´m healing my back on the sofa while writing this little story about our trip to Karhutunturi (Bearfell).



Last summer we were driving in eastern Lapland on a day when weather forecast promised great weather to spend outside. I have hiking maps in the car ready from all over Lapland because we spend so much time there every year. We always try to find something new, even if it sometimes means more driving. This time we found a place called Karhutunturi.  Karhutunturi is a part of Salla, a municipality in the middle of nowhere, as they advertise it. Karhutunturi is also a part of Tuntsa wilderness area. We only had one day to use so we decided to walk the four kilometer path up to the top, have some packed lunch there, and then return the same way. After a little village called Naruska (where a lot of the most coldest place in Finland records are made) we drove to a smaller side road looking for the path. Although we drove for some time, we didn’t drive long enough, as we were to discover later.


IMG_6364We found an area by the road where to park our car and there were these really old path markings and duckboards starting right next to it. So we thought that the route was just poorly taken care of and started walking. The route went through some wetlands and some really rocky but beautiful forests. But when we got further we crossed another path that was bigger and very well taken care of, so we started looking at the map more carefully and discovered that the path we were using wasn’t in use anymore. It was just marked to my old map with small line. So I guess this is a small proof of my amazing orienteering or concentration skills. However there was a silver lining with walking the old path; we found lots of cloudberries that we ate in the evening with some whipped cream, perfect!

IMG_6200By the path, close to the top of the fell, there was a little hut and a fireplace to use, but we walked to the top to eat our ready cooked meal. The end of the path goes on a small road because on the top there are also some military stuff. From the top, there are great views for the surroundings and if you ignore the military stuff it is really wilderness-like view. Only forests, fells and wetlands everywhere you look. It was a great place for a picnic, lots of big flat rocks for everyone to sit down on. The place was totally worth the long drive.




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