Couple of weeks ago we had a long weekend here, because of the holiday we call Vappu (Labour Day, May Day, 1st of May). So the weekend extended to Monday and we planned to go outdoors and also get a new blog text out of it. Well, things changed since my son got sick and we had to spend Vappu indoors. So instead of a new story I decided to write a story about an old trip to Nattaset fells.
nattasetMNattaset includes two fells side by side in the Sompio Strict Nature Reserve in the north part of Sodankylä, right next to village of Vuotso. Nattaset actually means woman’s breasts; the fells are named like that because if you look at them from a distance, those two fells can be considered to look like boobs.
IMG_5887I, my husband and son went there with our two dogs in one hot day in July few years back. We chose it because the nature path, that makes a round trip, was not too long for our older dog since the weather was hot, especially for our furry friends. The path went quite directly up the fell called Pyhä-Nattanen, Saint-Nattanen. The name comes from the history; old Sámi nature faiths used it as a sacred place.

On the top of the fell there is a hut and table to eat packed lunch and also lots of nice flat rocky places to eat in your own privacy. This is a good solution with an energetic child, young playful dog and an old dog that needs a break after the hike. The scenery up there is amazing to all directions; north to the fells of Saariselkä and the UKK National park which is combined together with the Sompio nature reserve. On the southerm side there is the lake Sompio, which is connected to the biggest artificial lake in EU, the lake of Lokka. The filling of Lokka reservoir started in 1967 and it drowned around 315 km2 of wilderness underneath it. On the eastern side you can see also the UKK national park and on west the village of Vuotso and in good weather the second largest artificial lake in Finland, the lake of Porttipahta. The two artificial lakes stream to the longest river of Finland, the river Kemijoki which is 550 km long and has many dams to produce electricity.

After eating a little snack and enjoying the views we started to search for the path. We finally found it, which wasn’t so easy in a very rocky ground. On the top we were wondering why everybody went back the same way they came, the same place we used to go up. Well, after walking a little while we didn’t wonder anymore. The rocks continued and continued and at the same time the hill got deeper. Many times we wondered if we should turn back. There would have been no problem if we wouldn’t have our dogs. My son was so excited to climb on the rocks and jump from one to another; he would really like to visit there again. Normally while walking I hold our smaller and older dog and my husband our young big girl but this time we had to change because in the hard parts my husband had to carry our old dog. She would have just jumped around without caring how the landing went, so we could not risk her breaking her legs. Luckily our bigger girl surprised us positively. At the time she was really young and playful but on the hill she was so smart and careful I didn’t have to worry at all. Otherwise we would have never made it down from there. Our bigger dog weights nearly the same amount that I do and we would have never been able to carry her. Finally we all made it down from there safe and sound. The rest of the path run through a big old spruce forest, which was freshening environment after all that time climbing on the hot, sunny and rocky hill. Thinking about the trip now it is all just good memories, but at the time the climbing was kind of nerve racking. All the mothers know what I mean when I talk about having to let your boys do their boy stuff, but at the same time you have to keep an eye on them so they don’t get hurt. Boys will be boys!IMG_5883


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