Visit to Tyrvää

Summer is coming now! Even thought the weather is cold and rainy, now the green everywhere makes it all right.


Spring has been really busy time for us and we have had hardly any time to go for an outing. That’s why we took advantage of our trip to Sastamala. We had some stuff to take care of there so we made time for a little side trip to the St Olaf´s church in Tyrvää. It’s a late medieval grey rock church built around year 1510 and is located on a really beautiful little hill top surrounded by idyllic countryside with a lake view.

The area is also considered as one of the Finnish national landscapes. The church was burned in 1997 in church arson and only the rocky walls survived. The church was built again using lots of volunteer help. It’s really beautiful in a rough kind of way and worth to visit. Nevertheless the beauty of the building, I think my little niece preferred the sheep grazing on the pasture next to the church.



We had not really planned this visit in advance so we had to save the grey day views with our phone cameras only. And my phone is seriously begging for retirement before its 8th birthday this autumn (T).


8 thoughts on “Visit to Tyrvää

  1. Even with grey skies it looks a charming spot. I know exactly what you mean about a camera. Mine’s an old friend too. 🙂 🙂 The sun has finally broken through here this morning after days of rain. I wish you a sunny weekend!

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