Hello! We are two sisters from a small town in western Finland. We share a common interest to nature, environment, outdoor living and baking.

09052013177I’m Maria and I’m 32-years old stay-at-home mom who lives in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere. To my family belong husband (who’s been patient enough to stand by me nearly 15 years), our 11-year old son, a huge mixed breed dog and a tiny cat. My profession used to be a nature guide but now hiking and spending time in the nature is just a dear hobby. I also love baking and cooking at home. I also love to travel near and far when ever I get the change.

My name is Tarja and I’m some years older than my sister. I have now 8 months old daughter and I’m enjoying some home time at the moment. I have studied as a baker and also environmental engineering. My favorite things are spending time at nature, walking with my dog and photography.

We decided to do this together but mostly Maria writes and Tarja takes care of the page. We also go outdoors and little trips together and hopefully can write little stories about them.