Kuusamon suurpetokeskus

It is starting to feel like summer! Although the leafs on the trees are still small and  the scenery is getting greener. But the temperature has been over the +20 for days. It has been a lot warmer than normally this time of the year. Summer is coming slowly to the north too. Yesterday I … Continue reading Kuusamon suurpetokeskus



Last Tuesday was the national dogs day in Finland. For us, our furry friends are really important, they come with us almost everywhere. They are our friends and family members. That´s why I wanted to write about a little trip we took when we still had two dogs, in the summer of 2014. Next winter … Continue reading Näränkä


Today is the Day of Finnish language and Mikael Agrigola, the person who we call "The Father of Finnish written language". Our language may seem hard and complicated to foreigners, but it´s actually quite easy with lot of regularities when you just learn the basics.  But our language has not always been something to take … Continue reading Raate