The signs of autumn are already here althought the days are still pretty hot. The nights are getting darker, first yellow leaves are appearing and the schools are starting. My son also started school last week and the house is quiet. So I thought I will write about a place where we visited for the … Continue reading Otsamo



We are back from over three weeks  holiday in Lapland and East Finland.  We circled around with our camper van and had great family time.  We started our journey few days before mid summer weekend and drove north through the east border.   We had decided before the trip that we would travel without any … Continue reading Elimyssalo


Summer is here again and it came faster than ever! Some of our garden plants have never been blossoming this early and leafs on the trees appeared in few days. Sun has been shining here throughout May without a drop of water and there seems to be no change for the next ten days according … Continue reading Nellim