In last few weeks I have written a lot in our Facebook site and here about our spring and summer that came super fast. Trees became fully green in just few days and all the flowers are weeks ahead of their normal time. So to compare a bit, I thought I will write a piece … Continue reading Aulanko



Summer is here again and it came faster than ever! Some of our garden plants have never been blossoming this early and leafs on the trees appeared in few days. Sun has been shining here throughout May without a drop of water and there seems to be no change for the next ten days according … Continue reading Nellim


Today is the Day of Finnish language and Mikael Agrigola, the person who we call "The Father of Finnish written language". Our language may seem hard and complicated to foreigners, but it´s actually quite easy with lot of regularities when you just learn the basics.  But our language has not always been something to take … Continue reading Raate