Moomin museum

Spring is coming here really fast. Temperature has raised on the best day to 20 plus degrees. Snow is melting and everything outside is really wet! Our forest is still covered with snow but the fields are starting to show under the white cover. The little river in our backyard is not so little at … Continue reading Moomin museum


Fast vacation to Lapland

This weekend we made a quick holiday trip to Lapland. We left home on friday afternoon and drove to the skiing center of Ylläs.  My parents were there already and stayed there when we left back home. In the southern Finland the skiing weathers are over but in Lapland it is still the best season. … Continue reading Fast vacation to Lapland


Today is the Day of Finnish language and Mikael Agrigola, the person who we call "The Father of Finnish written language". Our language may seem hard and complicated to foreigners, but it´s actually quite easy with lot of regularities when you just learn the basics.  But our language has not always been something to take … Continue reading Raate